Harmar Township
701 Freeport Road, Cheswick, PA 15024

Allegheny Valley Regional Emergency Management Agency (AVREMA)
(Harmar Township, Cheswick Borough, Springdale Borough)

Bruno Moretti, Emergency Management Coordinator    

325 School Street
Springdale, PA 15144

Responsibilities of AVREMA:
​Prepare, maintain and implement the area Disaster Emergency Management Plan.
Equip and staff the Emergency Operations and Communications Center.
Provide individual and organizational Emergency Management Training.
Provide support services to individuals and organization during emergency situations.
Assist organizations and business with implementation of Emergency Operations Plans.
Provide an integrated Flood Warning System.
Coordinate activities with the Allegheny County Emergency Management Program.
Coordinate activities with the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Association (PEMA).
Coordinate each municipality's National Incident Management (NIMS) compliance activities.