Harmar Township
701 Freeport Road, Cheswick, PA 15024

There's often a huge disconnect between what we say we care about and how we actually act. Polls consistently show that people are concerned about CLEAN WATER. Yet few actually recognize that the largest cause of water quality problems is nonpoint source pollution; which comes from various polluting activities on the land. 
Healthy waters attract people to live, work, and play on or near them and improve our quality of life. Polluted waters has a negative impact on our drinking water sources and maintenance of drinking water facilities, aquatic life, recreation and food sources.

You can take the following steps to help protect the quality of our waters:

  Use fertilizers sparingly, never exceeds the products application rates
  Sweep driveways, sidewalks and roads (rather than washing them with water)
  Never dump anything down a storm drain
  Plant native grasses in bare spots in your yard
  Set mowers at 3 inches to help retain turf density
  Compost yard waste
  Avoid using pesticides
  Direct downspouts to lawns and away from paved areas
  Wash your vehicle at the car wash instead of in your driveway
  Conduct routine maintenance on your vehicle, check for fluid leaks, recycle motor oil
  Clean up after your pet to minimize bacteria reaching our waterways
  Regularly inspect and pump your septic tank/system
Practicing these simple steps will help to reduce the pollution runoff from the Stormwater that leaves your yard and driveway.