Police Department

Our Mission

"It is the mission of the Harmar Township Police Department to protect life and property, provide professional police services, and work in partnership with the community. This is accomplished through adherence to our core values: Respect, Integrity and Excellence."

Residents are reminded to protect your automobile and/or bicycle:

  • Always lock your car.  (One in five (5) cars are left unlocked)
  • Lock bikes to immovable objects or bike racks.
  • Do not leave tempting valuables or property visible inside your car.  Lock these items in the trunk. 


Reminder to watch out for scams

     A reminder about being alert for various scams that target our citizens could be made every single month as we routinely field inquiry calls and take reports of scam activity.  Fortunately, we believe most people have become educated about the prevalence of the many types of scams.  Therefore, the majority of the calls we take are only to report an attempted scam. 

     Potential scams can be attempted by phone, email, "snail mail", or through websites falsely looking like your credit card company, your bank, I.R.S. and so on.  Scammers will pose as I.R.S. agents and even relatives in need of money in an emergency situation.  You want to stay hyper-vigilant any time you receive correspondence stating that you allegedly owe money or have won something, and if you are buying or selling items online.  As we always say, if it's too good to be true, it most likely is.  Take extra steps of doing additional research when you receive suspicious correspondence.  Make extra check-up phone calls, use the internet to research scams, or even decide only to do business in person. 

Police Officers



Brian Swetof


Otto Gaal


John "J.J." Fechke


Alan "A.J." Yonek


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